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JUNE 13th-14th 2014

University of Bologna - School of Economics, Management and Statistics
Forlì Campus P.le della Vittoria, 15

The Workshop is intended to give young economists a chance to meet and discuss their work on Social Economy, and to stimulate interaction with peers and tenured scholars.

The workshop will be hosted by the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus, and features a friendly atmosphere, which allows for discussing high quality research in a convivial environment. Regular sessions will be introduced by two opening lectures held by our keynote speakers: David Ulph (University of St Andrews) and Sigrid Suetens (Tilburg University).

The organization will sponsor the social dinner for the participants and accommodation for the speakers. No fee is required, but all participants are warmly requested to attend all sessions. At the end of the workshop, the most innovative paper will be awarded the 2014 Young Economists’ Workshop on Social Economy Award.

SESSION I: Social Economy
Friday June 13th
14.00 - 19.00

Main lecture: Prof. David Ulph – University of St Andrews
“Consumer Behaviour in a Social Context: Implications for Environmental Policy”

Chair: Luca Savorelli

Simone Martelli – Catholic University of Louvain

Revelead preferences for climate change mitigation: evidence from voluntary commitment and voting behavior in Italy

Marlene Karl - DIW Berlin
Performance and risk-taking of social and ethical banks during the financial crisis. A comparative evaluation

Fabio Landini – Bocconi University
Friendship Network in the Classroom: Parents Bias and Peer Effects

Pawel Gola – University of Oxford
Status, Money and Information: A Simple Two Sector Matching Model with Externalities

Jesús Peiró Palomino – University of Jaume I

On the sources of European regional convergence: Does social capital have an economic payoff?

SESSION II: Experiments
Saturday June 14th
9.00 - 13.00

Main lecture: Sigrid Suetens – Tilburg University

“On assuming (im)perfect information in games”

Chair: Maria Bigoni

Matteo Migheli – University of Turin

An experimental inquiry into the nature of relational goods, and their impact on co-operation

Riccardo Ghidoni – University of Bologna

When Do Others' Expectations Matter? An Experiment on Distributional Justice and Guilt Aversion

Debosree Banerjee – University of Goettingen
Ethnicity and Gender Differences in Risk, Ambiguity Attitude

Tina Haussen - University of Jena
Is there a Gender Gap in Preferences for Public Spending?
Pierluigi Conzo - University of Turin
Trust and Cheating in Sri Lanka: The Role of Experimentally-Induced Emotions about Tsunami?


Scientific committee

Maria Bigoni (University of Bologna), Emanuela Carbonara (University of Bologna), Davide Dragone (University of Bologna), Giulio Ecchia (University of Bologna), Paolo Figini (University of Bologna), Luigi Luini (University of Siena), Raimondello Orsini (University of Bologna), Fabio Sabatini (La Sapienza University, Roma and Euricse, Trento), Luca Savorelli (University of St Andrews), Paolo Vanin (University of Bologna).

Organizing committee

Giulio Ecchia (University of Bologna)
Caterina Giannetti (University of Bologna)
Raimondello Orsini (University of Bologna)
Paolo Venturi (AICCON)

For more information on the conference, please contact: dse.young_economists_workshop@unibo.it

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