Working Paper

6 febbraio 2017

156 – (Poor) eudaimonic subjective wellbeing as a mortality risk factor: a cross-country analysis

Abstract We investigate the nexus between poverty of sense of life (a dimension of eudaimonic subjective wellbeing) and mortality in a large sample of individuals from […]
9 dicembre 2016

155 – Bridging the gap between GDP and subjective wellbeing

Abstract We contribute to the debate on the relative pros and cons of using composite wellbeing indicators as a relevant source of information beyond (in addition […]
14 novembre 2016

154 – The Impact of Cash Mobs in the Vote with the Wallet Game: Experimental Results

We simulate in a randomised lab experiment the effect of Cash Mobs on consumers’ behaviour in an original variant of the multiplayer Prisoner’s dilemma called Vote-with-theWallet […]
9 settembre 2016

153 – Gamblers, scratchers and their financial education

Abstract We develop an online survey to investigate the characteristics of slot/videopoker players and scratchers (individuals buying tickets of scratch-off lotteries). We find evidence of a […]
27 luglio 2016

152 – “De (corporate responsibility) gustibus est misurandum”

Abstract We investigate with an ad hoc survey respondents’ tastes about the different corporate responsibility (CR) items typically used by CR rating agencies. The hypotheses of […]
25 luglio 2016

151 – A needs theory of governance

Abstract New-institutional economics hypothesizes imperfect rationality, self-seeking preferences, monetary-related needs, and opportunism as fundamental features of human behavior. Consistently, new-institutionalist models of governance highlight the efficiency […]
9 giugno 2016

150 – Eudaimonic happiness as a leading health indicator

Abstract Eudaimonic happiness (measured in terms of sense of life) is a relatively unexplored subjective wellbeing indicator. The empirical findings presented in this paper show that […]
9 maggio 2016

149 – L’educazione all’economia dal basso

Abstract In the current society of globalisation and computerisation, where time and space are designed to maximize opportunities for consumption, it is necessary to find a […]
5 maggio 2016

148 – John Bates Clark: primo marginalista statunitense ed economista sociale

La fama di John Bates Clark (1847-1938) è legata soprattutto al suo contributo alla teoria marginalista della distribuzione del reddito e alla diffusione del marginalismo negli […]
9 aprile 2016

147 – Prospettive di domanda ed offerta di benessere multidimensionale

Abstract The paper is aimed at proposing a different perspective over the traditional CSR approach. In particular the idea is to analyze the corporate social and […]