Working Paper

29 maggio 2018

167 – Strumenti finanziari per le imprese sociali

Il Working Paper è tratto dagli output di ricerca elaborati da AICCON all’interno del progetto FIT4SE – Financial Tools for Social Enterprise, co-finanziato dalla Commissione Europea, […]
4 maggio 2018

166 – L’economia della manipolazione e dell’inganno: il settore dell’azzardo in Italia

Abstract Il settore dell’azzardo legalizzato rappresenta l’esempio più calzante di quella che i due premi Nobel per l’Economia, George Akerlof e Robert Shiller hanno definito nel […]
20 aprile 2018

165 – Quantum Entanglement and the Emergence of Collaboration in Social Media

Abstract In this paper we devise a slightly modified version of the Vote with the Wallet Game used by Becchetti et al.(2015, 2017) to the use […]
12 gennaio 2018

164 – When money matters. Why the Easterlin paradox does not work for (large part of) the elders

Abstract We compare life satisfaction levels for individuals aged 50 and above reporting/not reporting long term illnesses. Our econometric findings on the SHARE database including different […]
9 novembre 2017

163 – A new model of multidimensional ageing: the BES-ageing

Abstract The primary objective of this work is to construct a model of multi-dimensional ageing—the bes-ageing—based on the domains of the Italian BES (Istat) and using […]
19 ottobre 2017

162 – Civil economics: definition and strategies for sustainable well-living

Abstract The civil economics paradigm presented in this paper has two main characteristics. First, it identifies the philosophical roots of the limits of our socioeconomic system […]
5 ottobre 2017

161 – The wealth of regions: divergence/convergence factors in “constitutional” wellbeing indicators in an empirical analysis on Italian regions

Abstract We test for the presence of convergence/divergence in wellbeing among Italian regions using as a reference the Italian Constitutional Law and the novel institutional taxonomy […]
14 luglio 2017

160 – The role of the social economy in migrants’ reception and integration

Abstract In this paper we consider the phenomenon of the reception of migrants, political refugees and asylum seekers in Southern European countries as instance of patterns […]
12 maggio 2017

159 – Nudging and environmental corporate responsibility: A natural experiment

Abstract We devise a ‘nudging’ natural experiment to test the impact of a simple form of advertising on  environmentally responsible products with/without the increase of the […]
8 marzo 2017

158 – Making information on CSR scores salient: a randomized field experiment

Abstract We locate a giant scorecard poster with social and environmental responsibility scores of the ten leading world food companies, measured by the Oxfam “Behind the […]