Social Enterprise

14 October 2009

66 – Productivity, wages and intrinsic motivation in social enterprises

Abstract In our empirical analysis of wage differentials in a sample of workers in the cooperative not for profit sector we find that, consistently with the […]
13 October 2009

65 – Legal forms of Not-for-Profit Organisations in Europe

Introduction In the world of economists a lawyer feels a bit strange. How does an economist look to a lawyer? Is he a formalist, some one […]
19 January 2009

59 – The fragility of social capital∗

Abstract This paper addresses two hot topics of the contemporary debate, social capital and economic growth. Our theoretical analysis sheds light on decisive but so far […]
18 January 2009

58 – Does social capital create trust? Evidence from a community of entrepreneurs

Abstract Which kind of social capital fosters the diffusion of development-oriented trust? This paper carries out an empirical investigation into the causal relationships connecting four types […]
19 November 2008

55 – Financial Reporting in European NPOs: Is Now the Time for a Common Framework?

INTRODUCTION The role of the nonprofit sector in the European Community is widely recognized by the Commission and European Parliament,2 which look to these organizations to […]
20 April 2005

12 – Measuring social capital in Italy: An exploratory analysis

Abstract The aim of this paper is to trace a map of Italian local social capital endowments. It focuses on the “structural” dimension of the concept, […]
19 December 2004

5 – Social Capital Accumulation and the Evolution of Social Partecipation

Abstract We study the co-evolution of social participation and social capital accumulation, taking the view that the former contributes to the latter, and both contribute to […]