Working Paper

20 April 2005

12 – Measuring social capital in Italy: An exploratory analysis

Abstract The aim of this paper is to trace a map of Italian local social capital endowments. It focuses on the “structural” dimension of the concept, […]
20 February 2005

8 – The dynamics of ethical product differentiation and the habit formation of socially responsible consumers

Abstract In our model of ethical product differentiation two duopolists (a zero profit socially concerned producer and a profit maximizing producer) compete over prices and (costly) […]
20 January 2005

7 – What’s beyond the human development index ?

Abstract In this note, we …rstly discuss Chakravarty’s (2003) axiomatic foundation of the Generalized Human Development Index (GHDI) then we propose a different set of axioms […]
19 December 2004

5 – Social Capital Accumulation and the Evolution of Social Partecipation

Abstract We study the co-evolution of social participation and social capital accumulation, taking the view that the former contributes to the latter, and both contribute to […]
3 October 2004

2 – Endogenous Preferences and Private Provision of Public Goods: a ‘Double Critical Mass’ Model

Abstract In this paper we set up an evolutionary game-theoretic model aimed at addressing the issue of local public good provision via direct commitment of voluntary […]