153 – Gamblers, scratchers and their financial education


We develop an online survey to investigate the characteristics of slot/videopoker players and scratchers (individuals buying tickets of scratch-off lotteries). We find evidence of a negative relationship between gambling and financial literacy.

More specifically, after controlling for gender, education, income, employment status and area of residence: i) slot and/or videopoker players have a 8 percent lower probability of answering correctly to all the three standard financial education questions; ii) scratch-off players have a 10 percent lower probability of answering correctly to the (third) mutual fund risk diversification question.

Scratch-off players are as well more impatient and more likely to sacrifice expected value for positive skewness and they overestimate the probability of winning at least the price of the ticket. Our findings suggest that scratchers and slot/videopoker players may be unable to evaluate the overall consequences of gambling on their economic wellbeing due to their lower financial education.

Keyword: gambling, scratch-off lotteries, financial education.

JEL numbers: G02 (Behavioral Finance: Underlying Principles) G11 (Portfolio Choice, Investment Decisions) A20 (Economics education and teaching of economics); D14 (Household Saving, Personal Finance)