Yunus Social Business Centre

The idea of Social Business has been defined by Muhammad Yunus as a sustainable enterprise that deals mainly with problems of a social nature, reinvesting profits in society itself, aiming at self-sufficiency. Based on this philosophy Yunus Social Business Centres emerged as organizations that invest in the development and growth of Social Business aimed at solving community problems.

On April 18th 2018 Professor Muhammad Yunus and Department of Managementinaugurate YSBC to the Forlì campus.

The YSBCs act primarily as accelerators of business projects, often defining markets or financing their ideas through investment funds. Furthermore, they support the study and promotion of social enterprises already present in the area, amplifying their effect on the community.

The research center is promoted by the University of Bologna, Unibo Forlì Campus, AICCON and numerous public and private organisations dealing with social economy:

  • School of Management and Statistics of the University of Bologna
  • Forlì Campus, within the academic course on Social Economy
  • AICCON (Italian Association for the Promotion of the Culture of Co-operation and of Non-profit Organisations)