The 17th Workshop on Social Economy for Young Economists

The Workshop is intended to give young economists a chance to meet and discuss their work on Social Economy, and to stimulate interaction with peers and tenured scholars. Theoretical, empirical and experimental articles will be presented on topics such as social capital, social norms, cooperative and social enterprises, social preferences and relational goods.

The workshop will be hosted by the University of Bologna, Forlì Campus, and features a friendly atmosphere, which allows for discussing high quality research in a convivial environment. Regular sessions will be introduced by two opening lectures held by our keynote speakers: Alexia Delfino
(Bocconi University) and David Schindler (Tilburg University).

At the end of the workshop, the most innovative paper will be awarded the 2024 Young Economists’ Workshop on Social Economy Award.

SESSION I – Thursday June 13th 14:00- 19:00

Chair: Riccardo Ghidoni, (University of Bologna)

14:00- 14.15 Welcome address

14:15- 15:00 Keynote speech David Schindler (Tilburg University)
“What motivates workers? Towards a more comprehensive understanding of modern work environments.”

Coffee break

15:30- 16:30
1. “Working Under Distractions” Yang Zhong (University of Amsterdam and Tinbergen Institute)
2. “Breaking Stereotypes: The Impact of Valuing Workers’ Preferences on Task Allocation and Firm Performance”– Sveva Vitellozzi (University of Bologna)

Coffee Break

17:00 – 18:00
3. “Flexible contract, flexible morale? Microcredit design and repayment discipline”, Lisa Spantig (RWTH Aachen University and University of Essex)
4. “Information Nudges and domestic violence: an experimental intervention in the field”, Elena Pisanelli (University of Bologna)

SESSION II – Friday, June 14th 9.00- 13.00

Chair: Marco Fabbri, (University of Bologna)

1. “Born That Way: Beliefs about Genetics’ Importance and Redistribution Preferences” Andrea Pogliano (Erasmus University Rotterdam and Tinbergen Institute)
2. “Meta-analyses in Economic Psychology: A sustainable approach to cross-cultural differences” Matteo M. Marini (Masaryk University, Lipova)

Coffee Break

3. “Intentions to freelance across 16 countries” Adam Ferris, University of Oxford
4. “A model for rational generosity of the rich: status concern and poverty blaming when social classes are partially segregated” Bianca Sanesi (IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca)

Short Break

11:45 12:30 Keynote speech Alexia Delfino (Bocconi University)
“Power, gender and economic collaboration”

12.45 Best Paper Award and Concluding Remarks.

For more information on the conference, please contact:

Scientific committee: Maria Bigoni (University of Bologna), Giulio Ecchia (University of Bologna), Marco Fabbri (University of Bologna), Riccardo Ghidoni (University of Bologna), Caterina Giannetti (University of Pisa), Natalia Montinari (University of Bologna), Raimondello Orsini (University of Bologna).

Organizing committee: Marco Fabbri (University of Bologna), Riccardo Ghidoni (University of Bologna), Natalia Montinari (University of Bologna), Paolo Venturi (AICCON)