20 October 2007

46 – Technology Replaces Culture in Microcredit Markets: the Case of Italian MAGs

Abstract Poor local information networks and weak social sanctions in urban settings make joint liability unable to guarantee high repayment rates to microlenders. Yet, microcredit programmes […]
2 September 2007

45 – Inequality and Happiness

Abstract This paper examines the relationship between inequality and happiness through the lens of heterogeneous values, beliefs and inclinations. Drawing upon opinion data from the European […]
20 June 2007

44 – Sociability and Happiness

Abstract The standard specification of utility functions in economic models usually neglects the effect of sociability on happiness. Our level and first difference panel estimates show […]
19 June 2007

43 – The Role of Social Capital in Economic Development

Abstract This paper carries out an empirical assessment of the causal nexus connecting social capital’s diverse aspects to the “quality” of economic development in Italy. The […]
18 June 2007

42 – The Cooperative Organization: Economic, Organisational and Policy Issues

Abstract Is cooperative action modern or old fashioned? Why should policymakers pursue it in development strategies? In what way are cooperatives different in terms of economic […]