27 November 2011

97 – Beyond the homo economicus

Abstract An always larger and more consolidated body of empirical evidence documents that individuals donate money and time and their sense and satisfaction of life is […]
27 October 2011

94 – Voting with the Wallet

Abstract The vote with the wallet is a new, emerging feature of economic participation and democracy in the globally-integrated market economy. This expression identifies the pivotal […]
27 September 2011

92 – Financial education and investment attitudes in high schools: evidence from a randomized experiment

Abstract We experimentally study the effect of financial education on investment attitudes in a large sample of high school students in Italy. Students in the treated […]
27 August 2011

91 – The relationship between happiness and health: evidence from Italy

Abstract We test the relationship between happiness and self-rated health in Italy. The analysis relies on a unique dataset collected through the administration of a questionnaire […]
26 August 2011

90 – Can a click buy a little happiness? The impact of business-toconsumer e-commerce on subjective well-being

Abstract This paper presents the first empirical investigation into the effect of e-shopping on subjective well-being. The analysis relies on a nationally and regionally representative dataset […]
27 May 2011

88 – Don’t Be Ashamed to Say You Didn’t Get Much

Abstract We run a modified dictator game experiment to investigate the determinants of donation choices to philanthropic organizations. We find experimentally that the adoption of a […]
27 March 2011

85 – Happiness and Tax Morale: an Empirical Analysis

Abstract This paper presents empirical evidence that “tax morale” – taxpayers’ intrinsic motivation to pay taxes – constitutes a new determinant of happiness, even after controlling […]
26 March 2011

84 – Quality and quantity: the role of social interactions in individual health

Abstract The public health literature focusing on the detrimental effects of social isolation has shown that the quantity of social connections is positively correlated with individual […]
25 March 2011

83 – See you on Facebook! A framework for analyzing the role of computermediated interaction in the evolution of social capital

Abstract Empirical studies have documented a decline in indicators of social participation in the last decades. The responsibility of social disengagement has been often attributed to […]
27 January 2011

82 – Co-Production and Managed Competition in Mixed Quasi-markets

In this paper, we provide a very simple model to shed light on the issue of managed competition in mixed quasi-markets (i.e. regulated markets in which […]