26 June 2010

76 – What are we learning from the life satisfaction literature?

Abstract The recent availability of cross-sectional and longitudinal survey data on life satisfaction in a large number of countries gives us the opportunity to verify empirically […]
20 May 2010

75 – Social Enterprise in Europe: Governance Models

Abstract: One of the aspects least focused upon in studies of Social Enterprises is governance, which is crucial when defining a type of governing system that […]
19 May 2010

74 – Gender at Work: Productivity and Incentives

Abstract This paper analyses the relationship between workers’ gender and monetary incentives in an experimental setting based on a double-tournament scheme. The participants must choose between […]
20 April 2010

73 – Credit access and life satisfaction: evaluating the non monetary effects of micro finance

Abstract Microfinance institutions are used to claim that their impact goes beyond money since rescuing from exclusion uncollateralized poor borrowers significantly affects their dignity, self-esteem, social […]