19 Dicembre 2013

130 – From the Neoliberal to the Participatory Firm

A comparative study of the institutional context for employee participation in organisational governance in Australia and Italy Abstract The current paper is a comparative analysis of […]
15 Novembre 2013

129 – Corporate social responsibility and profit volatility: theory and empirical evidence

Abstract Corporate social responsibility implies extra care for the wellbeing of stakeholders different from shareholders. In our theoretical model we show that, when this principle implies […]
8 Novembre 2013

128 – The heterogeneity of wellbeing “expenditure” preferences

Abstract With an online survey on major Italian newspapers we ask respondents to simulate the typical policymaker decision, that is, the dilemma of allocating scarce financial […]
25 Ottobre 2013

127 – La ricerca di nuove prospettive e strategie dell’intervento pubblico

Abstract Il tema proposto mi dà la possibilità di affrontare alcune problematiche inerenti l’individuazione delle modalità di acquisizione, erogazione e gestione dei servizi pubblici locali di […]
15 Ottobre 2013

126 – The Legal Origins of Corporate Social Responsibility

Abstract The legal origin literature documents that civil and common law traditions have different impact on rules and economic outcomes. We contribute to this literature by […]
7 Ottobre 2013

La produzione di valore nell’era dell’ibridazione

Si intitola “La produzione di valore nell’era dell’ibridazione” lo short paper curato da Marco Tognetti di LAMA e Paolo Venturi di AICCON. In poco più di dieci pagine gli […]
24 Luglio 2013

125 – The Silver Lining Of Cooperation

Abstract Cooperatives are characterised by mutual-benefit coordination mechanisms aimed at the fulfilment of members’ participation rights. This paper explores the institutional elements that regulate individual behaviour […]
23 Luglio 2013

124 – Intrinsic Motivation in the Labor Market: Not Too Much, Thank You

Abstract We study the screening problem of a firm that needs to hire a worker to produce output and that observes neither the productive ability nor […]
15 Luglio 2013

123 – The Lemons Problem in a Labor Market with Intrinsic Motivation

Abstract We study the Lemons Problem when workers have private information on both their skills and their intrinsic motivation for the job offered by firms in […]
14 Luglio 2013

Co-Operare. Proposte per uno sviluppo umano integrale

Il volume “Co-Operare. Proposte per uno sviluppo umano integrale” che raccoglie e approfondisce i temi della XII edizione delle Giornate di Bertinoro per l’Economia Civile, fra […]