Working Paper

23 gennaio 2020

177 – The frontier of Social Impact Finance: Theory and two case studies

Abstract Social impact bonds (SIBs) are a novel and innovative form of public-private partnership nancing social services performed by a best-practice selected non-governmental third entity. In […]
7 gennaio 2020

176 – Why economists and public opinion views on immigrants’ contribution to local economy do not match ? The role of tv exposure

There is a paradoxical divergence between the opinions of economists (favourable) and those of the general public (much less favourable) about the impact of immigrants on […]
12 novembre 2019

175 – Eudaimonic wellbeing and life expectancy

Abstract We investigate the relationship between eudaimonic wellbeing (sense of life) and subjective survival probability (SSP), a proxy of self-assessed life expectancy. We find a robust […]
26 luglio 2019

174 – Un(comfortably) numb: hearing loss, relational goods and subjective wellbeing

Abstract Hearing and speaking are basic ingredients of relational goods (ie. local public goods generated by interactions among individuals) that are in turn crucial for subjective […]
3 maggio 2019

173 – Terzo settore e sport dilettantistico

La riforma come opportunità per le associazioni (e le società) sportive dilettantistiche Gli enti del Terzo settore devono svolgere una o più attività di interesse generale […]
31 gennaio 2019

172 – Social capital and loan cost: the role of interpersonal trust

Abstract We argue that social dilemmas structured as investment trust games are a dominant feature in social and economic life due to asymmetric information, incomplete contracts […]
18 gennaio 2019

171 – Le cooperative sociali tra legislazione nazionale, riforma del terzo settore e recenti interventi normativi regionali

Alceste Santuari, Dipartimento di Sociologia e Diritto dell’Economia – Università di Bologna Indice-sommario degli argomenti trattati Le società cooperative tra mutualità interna e mutualità esterna La cooperazione […]
19 ottobre 2018

170 – Reti profit e non profit per il welfare comunitario

Abstract Prendendo l’avvio dalla letteratura e dal dibattito scientifico che rilevano l’opportunità di progetti di protezione sociale multi-stakeholder integrativi rispetto all’intervento pubblico (di fatto insufficiente a […]
18 settembre 2018

169 – Generativity and subjective wellbeing

We show that generativity, intended as the capacity of affecting positively other human lives, has a strong and significant effect on life sense and life satisfaction. […]
31 agosto 2018

168 – Values in the air. The role of social environment on subjective wellbeing

Abstract We wonder whether life sense and life satisfaction are affected not only by personal biography but also by the cultural milieu that individuals experience in […]