Lanzi Diego

15 March 2022

191 – Beyond Illyria: Workers’ Firm in Mixed Oligopoly

Flavio Delbono, University of Bologna Diego Lanzi, University of Bologna Carlo Reggiani, University of Manchester Riassunto In questa ricerca proponiamo un modello teorico per spiegare alcune […]
2 October 2020

182 – Commonism and Capabilities

The paper is focused on how to approach commons management and preservation issues without using of market institutions. For doing this, we adopt a Marxian viewpoint […]
27 January 2011

82 – Co-Production and Managed Competition in Mixed Quasi-markets

In this paper, we provide a very simple model to shed light on the issue of managed competition in mixed quasi-markets (i.e. regulated markets in which […]
20 January 2005

7 – What’s beyond the human development index ?

Abstract In this note, we …rstly discuss Chakravarty’s (2003) axiomatic foundation of the Generalized Human Development Index (GHDI) then we propose a different set of axioms […]