Pelligra Vittorio

22 September 2015

143 – The Impact of Redistribution Mechanisms in the Vote with the Wallet Game: Experimental Results

Abstract We use the Vote-with-the-Wallet game (VWG) to model socially or environmentally responsible consumption, an increasingly relevant but still under-researched phenomenon. Based on a theoretical model […]
8 January 2014

132 – Information & belief elicitation effects on charitable giving: An artefactual field experiment

Abstract We examine by means of an artefactual field experiment on a representative sample of Italian adults, the impact of information and belief elicitation on charitable-giving […]
27 May 2011

88 – Don’t Be Ashamed to Say You Didn’t Get Much

Abstract We run a modified dictator game experiment to investigate the determinants of donation choices to philanthropic organizations. We find experimentally that the adoption of a […]
19 December 2006

37 – Trust, Reciprocity and Institutional Design

ABSTRACT Trust and reciprocity are the bond of society (John Locke) and the lubricant of soci-economic systems Arrow). Economic agents are conceived as both self-interested and […]