Pelligra Vittorio

4 Maggio 2018

166 – L’economia della manipolazione e dell’inganno: il settore dell’azzardo in Italia

Abstract Il settore dell’azzardo legalizzato rappresenta l’esempio più calzante di quella che i due premi Nobel per l’Economia, George Akerlof e Robert Shiller hanno definito nel […]
22 Settembre 2015

143 – The Impact of Redistribution Mechanisms in the Vote with the Wallet Game: Experimental Results

Abstract We use the Vote-with-the-Wallet game (VWG) to model socially or environmentally responsible consumption, an increasingly relevant but still under-researched phenomenon. Based on a theoretical model […]
8 Gennaio 2014

132 – Information & belief elicitation effects on charitable giving: An artefactual field experiment

Abstract We examine by means of an artefactual field experiment on a representative sample of Italian adults, the impact of information and belief elicitation on charitable-giving […]
27 Maggio 2011

88 – Don’t Be Ashamed to Say You Didn’t Get Much

Abstract We run a modified dictator game experiment to investigate the determinants of donation choices to philanthropic organizations. We find experimentally that the adoption of a […]
19 Dicembre 2006

37 – Trust, Reciprocity and Institutional Design

ABSTRACT Trust and reciprocity are the bond of society (John Locke) and the lubricant of soci-economic systems Arrow). Economic agents are conceived as both self-interested and […]
18 Dicembre 2004

4 – Motivazioni, procedure e filtri : strumenti innovativi di sviluppo organizzativo

Abstract The paper discusses the theoretical foundations of an incentive provision system based both on material and immaterial (moral and social) incentives. We focus on the […]