Zarri Luca

9 June 2012

103 – Relational consumption and nonlinear dynamics in an overlapping generations model

Abstract In this paper, we show that incorporating the relational dimension into an otherwise standard OLG model and focusing on dynamic leisure externalities leads to dramatically […]
8 June 2012

102 – Cultural Diversity, Cooperation, and Anti-social Punishment

Abstract Is culture an important variable to explain whether groups can successfully provide public goods? A wealth of empirical evidence on both industrialized and developing countries […]
27 March 2011

85 – Happiness and Tax Morale: an Empirical Analysis

Abstract This paper presents empirical evidence that “tax morale” – taxpayers’ intrinsic motivation to pay taxes – constitutes a new determinant of happiness, even after controlling […]
20 June 2008

51 – Endogenous Social Preferences, Heterogeneity and Cooperation

Abstract We set up an analytical framework focusing on the problem of interaction over time when economic agents are characterized by various types of distributional social […]
3 October 2004

2 – Endogenous Preferences and Private Provision of Public Goods: a ‘Double Critical Mass’ Model

Abstract In this paper we set up an evolutionary game-theoretic model aimed at addressing the issue of local public good provision via direct commitment of voluntary […]