13 Marzo 2017

Analysis of community reporter material

‘Stories of Social Investment and Innovation’ is a summative report from Work Package 5: User Voice. User involvement runs through the heart of the Innovative Social […]
13 Marzo 2017

From foresight to welfare practices

Report on driving forces One central aim of the futures studies is to help understand the future and to support planning and responsible decision making. In […]
8 Marzo 2017

158 – Making information on CSR scores salient: a randomized field experiment

Abstract We locate a giant scorecard poster with social and environmental responsibility scores of the ten leading world food companies, measured by the Oxfam “Behind the […]
1 Marzo 2017

157 – The firm as a common. The case of the accumulation and use of capital resources in co-operative enterprises

Abstract Contemporary literature dealing with the governance of the exploitation of common-pool natural resources was initiated by Elinor Ostrom in 1990, and has been growing fast […]
17 Febbraio 2017

Felicità Pubblica

Short Paper di Stefano Zamagni, Università di Bologna Introduzione Secondo la celebre tesi di H. Baron (The crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance, Princeton University Press, […]
6 Febbraio 2017

156 – (Poor) eudaimonic subjective wellbeing as a mortality risk factor: a cross-country analysis

Abstract We investigate the nexus between poverty of sense of life (a dimension of eudaimonic subjective wellbeing) and mortality in a large sample of individuals from […]
29 Gennaio 2017

FIT4SE – Financial Tools for Social Enterprises

Il principale obiettivo del progetto promosso da Legacoop Romagna, è quello di contribuire allo sviluppo di un mercato della finanza sociale per la crescita delle imprese sociali […]
29 Giugno 2015

INNOSI (Innovative Social Investment: Strenghten Communities in Europe)

InnoSI è un progetto pluriennale (2015-2017) finanziato tramite fondi europei (Horizon2020) volto ad analizzare e modellizzare strategie di investimento sociale robuste che possano affrontare le sfide socio-economiche […]