Working Paper

25 Luglio 2016

151 – A needs theory of governance

Abstract New-institutional economics hypothesizes imperfect rationality, self-seeking preferences, monetary-related needs, and opportunism as fundamental features of human behavior. Consistently, new-institutionalist models of governance highlight the efficiency […]
9 Giugno 2016

150 – Eudaimonic happiness as a leading health indicator

Abstract Eudaimonic happiness (measured in terms of sense of life) is a relatively unexplored subjective wellbeing indicator. The empirical findings presented in this paper show that […]
9 Maggio 2016

149 – L’educazione all’economia dal basso

Abstract In the current society of globalisation and computerisation, where time and space are designed to maximize opportunities for consumption, it is necessary to find a […]
5 Maggio 2016

148 – John Bates Clark: primo marginalista statunitense ed economista sociale

La fama di John Bates Clark (1847-1938) è legata soprattutto al suo contributo alla teoria marginalista della distribuzione del reddito e alla diffusione del marginalismo negli […]
9 Aprile 2016

147 – Prospettive di domanda ed offerta di benessere multidimensionale

Abstract The paper is aimed at proposing a different perspective over the traditional CSR approach. In particular the idea is to analyze the corporate social and […]
6 Aprile 2016

146 – The political economy of the vote with the wallet

Abstract The willingness to pay of private consumers for socially and environmentally re- sponsible companies retailing public goods is an emerging though under-researched contemporary economic feature. […]
11 Febbraio 2016

145 – Happiness and Preferences in a Legality Social Dilemma

ABSTRACT We investigate players’ preferences in a multiplayer prisoner’s dilemma by comparing results from a direct (satisfaction based) and an indirect (choice based) approach. Both approaches […]
14 Ottobre 2015

144 – Innovative partnerships for the utilisation of confiscated assets previously owned by mafias

ABSTRACT Purpose The third sector is a producer of trust and positive social interactions, the mafias destroy trust and social norms. To confiscate assets and the […]
22 Settembre 2015

143 – The Impact of Redistribution Mechanisms in the Vote with the Wallet Game: Experimental Results

Abstract We use the Vote-with-the-Wallet game (VWG) to model socially or environmentally responsible consumption, an increasingly relevant but still under-researched phenomenon. Based on a theoretical model […]
15 Settembre 2015

142 – The Corporate Social Responsibility is just a twist in a Möbius Strip

Abstract In recent years economics agents and systems have became more and more interacting and juxtaposed, therefore the social sciences need to rely on the studies […]