Working Paper

27 June 2012

110 – What is new in the finance-growth nexus: OTC derivatives, bank assets and growth

Abstract We investigate the finance-growth nexus before and around the global financial crisis using for the first time OTC derivative data in growth estimates. Beyond the […]
20 June 2012

109 – Increasing Voluntary Contribution in a Public Goods Game through a Behavioral Policy Implementation: an Experimental Test

Abstract The aim of this work is to show that in a repeated Public Goods Game situation it is possible, through the implementation of a properly […]
15 June 2012

108 – Does workers’ control affect firm survival? Evidence from Uruguay

Abstract Worker-managed firms (WMFs) represent a marginal proportion of total firms and aggregate employment in most countries. The bulk of firms in real economies is ultimately […]
14 June 2012

107 – In the Nation We Trust: National Identity as a Substitute for Religion

Abstract We construct an index for national identity using information from the World Values Survey on peoples’ attitudes concerning politics and to the state itself. We […]
13 June 2012

106 – The role of parental cognitive aging in the intergenerational mobility of cognitive abilities

Abstract This paper studies intergenerational transmission of cognitive abilities from parents to children. We create a measure of parental cognitive evolu- tion across time, which combines […]
12 June 2012

105 – Hard to Forget: Longlasting Effects of Social Capital Accumulation Shocks

Abstract Very few contributions have dealt with the analysis of specific determinants of social capital accumulation and destruction. Even if limited in scale, the analysis of […]
11 June 2012

104 – Globalization: guidance from Franciscan economic thought and “Caritas in Veritate”

Abstract This essay pursues a threefold purpose: first, to sketch the historical period that provides the backdrop to the formation of Franciscan economic thought; second, to […]
9 June 2012

103 – Relational consumption and nonlinear dynamics in an overlapping generations model

Abstract In this paper, we show that incorporating the relational dimension into an otherwise standard OLG model and focusing on dynamic leisure externalities leads to dramatically […]
8 June 2012

102 – Cultural Diversity, Cooperation, and Anti-social Punishment

Abstract Is culture an important variable to explain whether groups can successfully provide public goods? A wealth of empirical evidence on both industrialized and developing countries […]
27 January 2012

101 – Family money, relational life and (class) relative wealth: an empirical analysis on life satisfaction of secondary school students

Abstract We investigate factors affecting happiness on a sample of Italian secondary school students. We find that money matters since family’s house ownership, mortgages and (class) […]